Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Spring!

September 1st marks the 1st day of Spring in Australia. So all of our time is spent outside now with this abundant sunshine! Off to the Flower and Fruit markets in Subi ... 


Monday, August 22, 2011

If You Give a Dog a Bone ...

You'll have a HAPPY HOUSE!

Ricky and I went to the Farmers Market in Subiaco this Saturday. We try to go every week for the freshest fruit and veg. A new vendor opened this week and they sell healthy lean beef straight from the farm! We found Fred Flintstone bones for the dogs. So fun to watch them devour the marrow off these bones! It made for a great, relaxing Saturday!

Happy Spring in Perth! (which officially starts Sept 1)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

5 Oceans of the World

When Adele was visiting, we took walks along the east and west coast of Australia. She was in Perth, Western Australia for one week, then we went to Sydney, New South Wales (which is on the east coast). We noticed that every beach had a park with an installed set of workout equipment. Have you seen those before? And if you're wondering, no we aren't that obsessed with working out. We were just messing around and partly making fun of people who pretend like they are working out!

We started a little contest to see who can do the most pull ups. Obviously Adele one for a few reasons... she's jacked, competitive, super athletic and 18. She'll kill me for posting these pics, by the way! We also made it our mission to do pull ups in on every ocean of the world. On this trip we banged out Indian Ocean (Perth's Cottesloe Beach) and the Pacific Ocean (Sydney's Bondi Beach). So now we have Atlantic, Arctic and Southern Ocean. Atlantic will be easy since she's going to NYU this year. Arctic will be a challenge (surprisingly Ricky has already been to Greenland & Iceland for work). Southern will be easy. We already know of a place we want to return... Kangaroo Island! The resort we stayed out, Southern Ocean Lodge, hence the name, faces the Southern Ocean!

So here are our fun pics thus far! Hopefully I'll be able to add the other ocean's pull up photos by this time next year!

Adele - Perth - Indian Ocean - Cottesloe Beach

Adele in competitive mode

Adele's winning ...
Our view while doing pull ups
Me losing to Adele...
Round 2. Adele - Sydney - Pacific Ocean - Bondi Beach

I'm getting better

Ahh look at my view! Those colors are incredible!

Yea Adele won again.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

Friday, August 12, 2011

City 2 Surf

The weather has been ideal for running outdoors! I'm normally a treadmill runner (gasp). But when Adele came to visit in July, she encouraged me to hit the pavement! She pushed me to run faster and longer. I was definitely stuck in a yogging rut and this half-marathoner got me out!

Since she left, I've only run on the treadmill twice. (It was pouring rain/lightening and I was miserably watching every minute that ticked by.)

Everyday I pick a new route to run and push myself to go farther and faster each time. I'm never bored by the gorgeous scenery here (the beautiful Kings Park, the beach trail or along the Swan River). And the weather is perfect ... 60s and sunny!

I signed up for Perth's City to Surf run. It starts downtown Perth and ends on the beautiful beaches of City Beach. I've been running about 5-7 miles most days so I opted for the 12km (7.5 mi) not the half marathon. Not slacking I promise! The half marathon is a rigorous climb literally...Massive hills ... one helluva struggle so I've heard. And the race is in 2 weeks. Not quite enough training time to jump from running 7 to 13!

Wish me luck on August 28!!!

(oh and Ricky is still working 12+ hr days .....)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dream Vacation Booked!

Ricky and I are headed to Maldives in October! It's booked! Beach House here we come!

Bubbly in Margaret River

My lil sista, Adele and me in Margaret River, Western Australia. One of my favorite places on Earth. From Left: our favorite breakfast cafe; Top: sipping bubbly in our private hot tub; Bottom: Canoeing down the River; Right: beautiful Adele at the beach!

Part 3 Kangaroo Island

God did done good with Kangaroo Island! The beauty is unbelievable!  I have hundreds more photos but here's a few sparkles.

Disclaimer - - I did not alter these photographs in any way!  TRULY AMAZING!